San Diego Sex Crime Defense Lawyer

At the law offices of San Diego Criminal Defense in downtown San Diego, clients facing sex crime charges are assured of vigorous defense. Timothy J. Richardson is an experienced trial attorney who has successfully defended many sex crime cases, and he is ready to hear about your sex crime defense needs.

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When a Life Worth Living is at Stake

Sex charges are devastating for almost everyone. Career, family, and freedom are often at stake. Penalties and consequences may include imprisonment, sex offender registration, loss of the right to vote, loss of the right to bear arms, probation or parole, mandatory AIDS testing, court-ordered rehabilitation, and costly fines.

Child pornography or rape defense is an urgent and serious matter. The sooner you have an experienced sex crime lawyer on your side, the more likely it is that damage can be contained before your case goes too far.

In Defense of Liberty of the Accused

Our goals are the same as those of our clients': to help the accused avoid jail or prison, to get fines, charges, punishments, penalties, and sentences reduced; to suppress evidence which was improperly obtained, to get cases dismissed, and to expunge offenses after a conviction is on record.

Do Charges Hold up Under Scrutiny?

We are experienced at working with the District Attorney's office. We challenge the prosecution to prove every single piece of evidence that is used to support the charges against our clients with serious sex crimes, including Internet crimes.

  • Can the prosecutor prove his case?
  • Was evidence gathered legally?
  • Are witnesses credible?
  • Was improper entrapment a tool of the prosecution?
  • If sexual assault of an adult is the charge, was the sexual contact actually consensual?

The Value of Early Legal Counsel

Early in a sex crime case, we warn our clients to beware of the pretext call of the accuser. A common strategy of law enforcement is to have a complaining witness contact the accused in pursuit of a tape recording of incriminating admissions or confessions.

This is but one example of ways in which our experienced counsel can protect our clients' rights and liberties from the beginning to the end of a sex crime case. We represent clients charged with a variety of sex crimes including charges of sexual assault (rape), solicitation of minors for purposes of sexual conduct, lewd conduct, and child molestation.

Get past the shame, fear, and outrage. Move forward to protect your future with dignity. Contact an experienced San Diego sex crime defense lawyer to schedule a free initial consultation regarding rape defense after you have been accused, charged, or arrested for sexual assault. We offer validated parking, and weekday, weekend, and evening appointments for your convenience.